Weaving old Business with New Threads

Weaving old Business with New Threads

Purpose : Beginning of journey

Narrative : Beginning a transformation of an old business for love of labour

Colaba is an old business district of Mumbai, an island city with history of centuries of British and other mercantile classes running a global commercial empire. A tip of the island where finally the city gets over and the sea begins — to England, to South Africa, to Singapore and to all those places where ships sailed once.

I often came here at our New Savera office during lockdown, going through lonely city and ghost town to sit at peace in our office overseeing beautiful quiet sea and empty shipping lanes that would normally be busy with traffic to JNPT.

I came here to just look out and wonder how will we pick up the threads of our lives when life resumes post lockdown.

We have been an old business for 35 years started by my father in law , based on trust, personal service and interaction and curated products for NRI community specifically from South Africa, coming to India for wedding shopping. For so long we have served for the occasions of their lives. Our products — wedding outfits , X, Y, Z, A, B, C come from distant and ancient towns of India carrying weaves, threads, colors and aesthetics of people from the medieval ages in one continuous tradition. Each purchase is often a process of translating our buyer’s wishes into a language of the weavers and makers.

That whole constant of life has stopped. And I am thinking of new directions now.